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Residential or Commercial Claims

Ameriloss Inc. works meticulously to assess the damage to your residential or commercial property.

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Disaster and Property Damage Claims

​Disaster can strike at any time. Fire, water, or hurricane recovery can be difficult and emotionally draining.

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​​Protecting Policyholders Claims

The Professional Public Adjuster measures and documents a policyholder’s loss on behalf of that policyholder.

Insurance companies have experts working for them, You Should Too!

We work on a contingency fee basis – we only get paid if you do. In other words, NO RECOVERY – NO FEE.



Hurricane & Tornado
Hurricane & Tornado
Water, Mold & Flood
Water, Mold & Flood
Fire & Smoke
Fire & Smoke
Broken Pipes
Broken Pipes
Roof Leaks & Structural Damage
Roof Leaks & Structural Damage
Business Interruptions
Business Interruptions

Hurricane & Tornado Damages

Storm damage claims can be complex due to the amount of damage, ranging from water and wind to flooding. Under your policy, not all water and wind damage may be covered. Let us review your insurance policy today to make sure that you are covered.

Do you already have hurricane, tornado, or lightning damage? Let Ameriloss, Inc. fight for you, and help you get the maximum amount you are entitled to for your claim.

Water, Mold & Flood Damage

Water damage is one of the most common types of property damage, and also one of the most complex. When you let Ameriloss, Inc. handle your claim, you can rely on the knowledge of our adjusters to help you receive an equitable settlement.

Let Ameriloss, Inc. be your ally. We will advocate on your behalf and help you receive the maximum amount of compensation that you are entitled to for your water, mold, or flood damage claim.

Fire & Smoke Damage

While we can’t undo the damage that a fire has done to your home or business, we can help make the situation easier for you by working with your insurance company on your behalf. Your insurance company has an adjuster working for them, shouldn’t you have someone looking out for you too?

Our adjusters will represent your best interests and help you receive the compensation that you need to restore your property.

Broken Pipes Damage

Has your property been damaged due to broken pipes? Ameriloss, Inc. can help! Let our experienced adjusters inspect your property and your insurance claim. We will help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Your insurance company has an adjuster that works on their behalf, you need one too. Ameriloss, Inc. is ready to fight for your best interests!

Roof Leaks & Structural Damages

Roof leak and structural damage claims often have contingencies for reimbursement, so it is in your best interest to let Ameriloss, Inc. handle your claim. Our adjusters have the knowledge and time to fight for your claim, where you may not.

If your insurance company has already denied or underpaid your claim, don’t worry! Our adjusters can help you receive the proper valuation for your damages.

Business Interruption Claims

Has your business suffered a loss due to destruction of your business property? Don’t worry, we will get you up and running while your business resumes operation. Let our adjusters handle your claim from start to finish to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your claim.

At Ameriloss, Inc., your business is our business. Contact us today to have us review your business insurance claim to make sure that you have the coverage you need. Already have damage? We have you covered too!

Let Us Handle Your Claim


We Work For You, Not the Insurance company

When people’s homes or businesses are lost to fire, hurricane, or other incidents, the process of navigating insurance claims and recovery can be difficult and emotionally draining. Moreover, without the expertise in filing a claim, consumers often are at an extreme disadvantage.

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Need To File a Claim?

Ameriloss helps the policyholder fulfill all obligations placed upon them by the insurance policy conditions entitled, “Duties in the Event of Loss", learn more in a free consultation with one of our experts.


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After Disaster Strikes

The Public Adjusters Role

Provide Immediate Claim Handling Assistance
Provide immediate direction as to what to do and what happens next
Prevent the wasteful spending of unreasonable mitigation money
Provide direction as to new temporary living arrangements
Provide direction concerning reasonable and necessary mitigation efforts
Alex Sink

"I understand what an important place public insurance adjusters have in the whole scheme of the world of insurance. Where would people go if they had no other place to turn?"


Former Florida Chief Financial Officer
Amy Bach

"Many people describe their insurance claim experience as a full time job. Negotiating a fair claim settlement can be very challenging, especially after an emotionally devastating catastrophe."


Co-founder of United Policyholders
Gwen Margolis

"Since I was President of the senate during hurricane Andrew, I can tell how much I appreciate the fact that public adjusters are waging this campaign and making people understand that there's help out there."


Florida State Senator
Jose Diaz

"The role of the public adjuster is an important one and something that we must continue to emphasize in Tallahassee. They are small business owners and people that are creating jobs. Preventing access to public adjusters hurts the public."


Florida State Representative

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