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Filing an Insurance Claim: What Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know

You’re on your way home from work when a careless driver slams into the passenger side of your car. The water connection to your washing machine suddenly bursts, flooding your home with gallons of water before you can shut off the flow. Vandals smash the window of your storefront and steal cash and merchandise. No one anticipates having to face any of these sudden challenges, but having car, home, or business insurance can help to give you peace of mind and assist in the recovery process.

Or, at least it should. For people who are filing claims for the first time, it can be a shock to see how difficult the process can be. Between a confusing filing process and long wait times, getting the money you need to make repairs and pay related bills can take quite some time. Unfortunately, life isn’t patient, so you often can’t wait for your insurance company to take their time. A private adjuster in Florida can help to expedite the process and ensure you get the money you deserve.

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What is a Private Adjuster?

A private adjuster, also known as a public claim adjuster, is an insurance professional who works for the claimant rather than an insurance company. Rather than operating in the interest of insurance providers whose priority is saving money, private adjusters are focused on getting clients the funds they deserve.

Because they have the same knowledge and experience as insurance company adjusters, working with a private adjuster in Florida can help even the playing field. Rather being at the mercy of your insurance company and accepting whatever they offer, having your own adjuster at your side can help guide your decision-making process. From assisting with the initial and supplemental filings to support for court proceedings as necessary, being informed of all your options can make all the difference in your claim.

Why Choose an Ameriloss Private Adjuster in Florida

When choosing a private adjuster, reputation matters. You want to know you are trusting someone who cares about your well-being, not just the profit. At Ameriloss, we understand an insurance claim is about more than just the numbers. We know damages have real-world consequences, and so we focus on you and your needs. Our expert public adjusters take all factors into consideration when determining the value of your claim. Costs for labor, structural damage, property loss, repair, replacement, depreciation, profit & overhead, and other items are taken into account to arrive at an accurate “real world estimate.” We are so dedicated to getting you the money you deserve that we only work on a contingency basis—meaning we don’t get paid until you do.

We work for you, not a faceless corporation.

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