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We take out insurance policies hoping to never need them, but anticipating that should something happen, our coverage will be adequate enough to help you recover and return to life as normal. When a car accident or sudden leak in the home causes damage to a covered property, we expect our insurance providers will honor the terms of the policy, helping to make recovery easy and painless.

Unfortunately, the insurance industry rarely works this way. It is far more profitable for these companies to deny coverage or only pay the minimum value of your case than to give customers what they are due. Fighting for what you are owned can feel like an uphill battle when you’re doing it on your own. Don’t let your insurance company run you around in endless circles. A public insurance adjuster in Florida can help you get a fair settlement.

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What Does a Public Insurance Adjuster Do?

Insurance companies have a team of claims adjusters working for them, determining the value and validity of your claim. These employees are tasked with examining the details of your case, including an in-inspection of the damage. From here, their job is to keep to the best practices as imposed by the company; meaning, their primary objective is to save the company as much money as possible. Only approving aftermarket parts for car repairs or only assigning lower values to covered items for replacement are just a few ways these claims adjusters cut costs for the provider.

With a public insurance adjuster in Florida, you can combat these unfair practices. Because these insurance claims adjusters have the same knowledge of the insurance industry and relating laws, working with a public insurance adjuster can help to level the playing field. Instead of looking for ways to cut costs, public adjusters review the details of your case to ensure you recover the full value of your claim.

A public insurance adjuster in Florida works for you, not a faceless corporation. They use their knowledge and expertise to help expedite the claims process and help to get you the best outcome possible.

Why Choose Ameriloss?

Ameriloss is your go-to for finding a public adjuster in Florida that can help with your insurance claim. Whether you’re just filing or need to file a supplement, having an experienced adjuster to guide you grants you and advantage. Our experts can review paperwork prior to filing to prevent delays caused by common mistakes.

Recently been denied coverage? An Ameriloss public insurance adjuster can help you in the appeal process, including providing support if you take the case to court. Either way, our team is dedicated to you. We work on a contingency basis, meaning we only get paid if you do.

We work for you, not a faceless corporation.

If you have an insurance claim and you’re not sure you are getting the most for your claim, let Ameriloss help! Contact us today and schedule your consultation.


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