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Despite hurricane season stretching half the year in Florida, most standard home insurance policies do not provide coverage for water damage caused by these serious storms. Instead, the policies are limited to broken pipes or roof leaks. This major gap in coverage leaves thousands of homeowners unwittingly at risk for serious devastation when the next storm hits. Waiting until after the damage is done to discover it isn’t covered under your insurance policy can leave you reeling and with few options. Whether its car, home, or commercial property insurance, now is the time to ensure you have hurricane coverage.

If you do have hurricane insurance, filing your claim can be tricky and confusing. Even if you file everything correctly, you still run the risk of having your claim denied or receiving inadequate compensation. Why? Because it is in the best interest of insurance companies to keep as much money as possible in their own pockets. Their adjusters are tasked with finding the best solution for them, leaving you scrambling to close the gap between your payment and the actual bills accrued by your damages.

Dealing with a hurricane insurance company on your own can leave you at a serious disadvantage. Instead, work with a reputable public claim adjuster at Ameriloss.

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How Can an Ameriloss Public Claim Adjuster Help Me?

Insurance companies bank on your inexperience and lack of insight to get away with paying you far less than you are owed. They hope you will just accept their first offer, which is often the bare minimum. That’s why they hate when claimants work with public claim adjusters. It means they have to give your case the due time and effort you deserve, as well as provide fair compensation.

Because public claim adjusters have the same knowledge of the insurance industry and applicable law as those working for insurance companies, working with Ameriloss helps to put you on an even playing field. We work for you, using our experience to hold your provider accountable for honoring the terms of your policy and providing the support necessary for your recovery. Costs for labor, structural damage, property loss, repair, replacement, depreciation, profit & overhead, and other items are taken into account to arrive at an accurate “real world estimate.”

Ameriloss is a leading provider of public claim adjuster services in South Florida. Our mission is to help those in need get the funds they need to restore your home, car, or commercial property back to its previous condition. We understand that hurricane claims in Florida may be more complicated than a simple fender bender or broken window. Our team is fully prepared to help guide you through the entire process.

Let Ameriloss help you get the money you deserve.

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